Chafing…. I’m Against It! Check out this Easy DIY Recipe 

I was in the process of purchasing squirrel nut butter due to my chafing experience this weekend, and as I was reading the ingredients I realized they were very similar to a lotion bar I made about a year ago. I hesitate sharing this information because I consider myself a supporter of small businesses BUT I also love DIY homemade items. So, if you want to try making your own chafing cream that doubles as a high quality moisturizer, read on for an option. 
Base Ingredients (from Whole Foods publication):

1/2 cup cocoa butter (if in your budget, buy the unscented- makes a big difference)

2/3 cup beeswax

1/2 cup extra virgin coconut oil

1 tsp. Vitamin E oil

10-20 drops essential oil (such as lavender, tea-tree oil for anti-fungal properties, or experiment with your favorite). 

If you plan to use the balm in sensitive areas (seriously) you might not want to use anything too spicy if you get my drift.

Combine all ingredients except for essential oil in a glass measuring cup and place glass measuring cup in a saucepan with about an inch of boiling water. The hot water will gently melt the oils. Stir occasionally until melted (10-15 minutes).  

Remove measuring cup from heat. Let sit 3 minutes. Add essential oils and stir. Pour into silicone non stick mold (you can use a soap mold, silicon cupcake pan, or even empty applesauce containers). 

Let mixture harden for about 3 hours. Gently remove from mold and store in parchment paper or upcycled tins.  


So, you have your homemade anti-chafe cream…… now what? You can either rub it directly on your skin using a generous amount (as shown in this photo) or use your finger nail to scrape a good portion off and warm it up in your hands for easier application. Apply liberally to desired area. I have only tested this once so far and it worked equal to Body Glide. I haven’t done a lot of testing or comparing to other brands because my goal was not to spend money since I already had these ingredients and a prepared bar. If you’re a local runner and want me to bring a sample to one of our runs so you can try it before you attempt to make it let me know. I’m always happy to share. If all else fails go buy yourself some Squirrel Nut Butter!


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