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Like many Americans, I let the rat race become more important than my own health and fitness. Between 50-hour work weeks and struggling to be super mom on the weekends, one day I woke up and realized I didn’t recognize the face in the mirror. That was eight years ago. The Summer of 2010 I made my health a priority and from that point on I have surprised myself with the accomplishments I’ve made. I wasn’t athletic as a kid. I played outside, rode my bike, played at the playground – typical activities – but I was never part of a team, I would hyperventilate when trying to run the mile in gym and was often picked last in gym class. My parents told me I was “book smart” and not an athlete.

At 36 years old I surprised everyone, including myself, by discovering the athlete within. It all started with a mother/daughter Taekwondo class and from there I fell in love with weight lifting, triathlons, trail running, CrossFit, back-pack camping, hiking, cycling, swimming, rock-climbing, and re-connected with my earlier love of skiing. In addition to improving my fitness, I became obsessed with learning about nutrition.

In 2015 I suffered a set-back when diagnosed with a nerve virus that I now believe was instigated by over-training. I was obsessed and was working out several times a day at high intensity for years with very little sleep and it finally caught up to me. The extreme fatigue and other symptoms took many months to resolve. It was also quite possible I had adrenal fatigue. Because of this experience I know how important it is to create a life-long balance.

In 2018 I received my Primal Health Coaching certification and also started my Masters in Holistic Health and Wellness. The Primal Health principles focus on long term health and fitness with a balance of clean eating, rest and recovery, and play. I believe my personal experiences in combination with my training and continuing education will benefit anyone who needs a Health Coach.

UPDATE December 31, 2019 – After 2 years of hard work and dedication, I have completed my MS in Health and Wellness from the American College of Healthcare Sciences.

COMING SOON IN 2020 – Stay tuned for ways I can help you with your health and wellness goals using what I have learned about holistic health and wellness, herbalism, health coaching, stress management, and holistic nutrition.

 I have a passion for sharing my knowledge and treating each person as an individual case. If you are passionate about changing your life or taking on a new fitness challenge I would love to be a part of your team. Whether it’s creating an ultra-marathon or triathlon training plan, providing nutrition recommendations or creating a personalized twelve-week life-changing plan I am the coach for you.

blood rock climb

**Photo from Blood Rock 25K in 2016**