Client Reviews

Review for Personalized Triathlon Training Plan and Coaching for Meghann W.:
A little bit about my background, so you know where I am coming from. I have been pretty athletic my entire life. I grew up playing all the sports: basketball, cheer-leading, running, biking, soccer, swimming. I ended up choosing soccer as my main sport and even got a scholarship to play in college (NAIA division). After college, I moved away from home and eventually started running when I had no idea what to do for exercise – I had always been apart of a team sport. Started with some 5Ks, a 6 miler, half-marathons and eventually 2 full marathons. The full marathons killed my knees, which were already done from college soccer beatings. I then took up triathlons! These are AWESOME!!! Let me tell you – it comes 3 of my favorite solo activities into one event! Perfect for me. So, after I had completed 3 triathlons and 1 duathlon, I thought it was time to actually have a true training plan and improve my swim times. Now, I am a very competitive person but just do these events for fun!
Jennifer was already my friend by then and we had already been working out together. She was finishing up her health coaching certification and we decided that she would be the best fit for me – she knew me and my style of training and knew what I needed to work on.
Highlights and why I would recommend Jennifer as a coach: 
– she listened to what I needed/wanted (more focus on swimming)
– made a plan that was doable with my work schedule
– it got the results that I wanted (swim endurance)
– she participated with me (joined in some of the workouts, kept me accountable, asked how it was going)
– friendly, easy to talk to about any issues or concerns
– understood any injuries, helped me decide to get a new pair of running shoes
– made suggestions on intake/nutrition
– kept track of my progress with me (we used Strava, texting)
– it was so much more that I had imagined
– very helpful and useful
If you are thinking about doing any kind of fitness, my friend Jennifer can help you out!

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