Can Goldenrod Help Seasonal Allergies?

A short blog entry about the wonderful benefits of this often-misunderstood plant with the hope of inspiring you to harvest a few stems and perhaps even try brewing it in tea, making an infused oil, honey, or tincture before the season is over. If you missed out on goldenrod this year, mark your calendars for next year! So much to look forward to in 2021 :).

Endurance Saturday – Testing out New Gear and Training Methods

Saturday is for long runs on the trail. I am officially half way through training for the Gnaw Bone 50K in May 2018. If you have ever trained for a race before you will have heard that training runs are the time to try out new gear, nutrition practices, hydration strategies, etc. . . ….

Music City Trail Ultra Recap

Such a great race today at the Music City Trail Ultra in Pegram, TN about 30 miles West of Nashville! I am a member of an amazing Trail Running Group called the Ultra Dirtbags / Dirtbags with Fleet Feet Nashville. We are all training for a race in May and today’s race was a training…

Training for the Blood Rock 25K and 50K

Running on trails is more than just running. In my opinion, you don’t even need to like running to love trail running. There is something magical about being out on the trails and tuning in to the world around you. Each trail has different features and the same trail seems different no matter how many…