Let me help you reach your goals. With an MS in Health & Wellness, a Primal Health Coach Certification, a passion for fitness, and a background in herbal medicine, I provide an integrated approach to everything I do.

Available Services

12 Week Comprehensive Wellness Coaching

Twelve Weeks (3 Month) Wellness Coaching. This program is based on a combination of primal health principles heavily influenced by my additional education received during work on my Masters. The program is tailored to your individual needs. 80% of your body composition goals are directly related to your nutrition. I will review your current nutrition practices and provide recommendations, guidance, accountability and motivation.  This program will also focus on lifestyle factors such as sleep and stress as well as fitness. We will focus on the Primal Fitness concepts in relation to your current fitness goals.

Package includes a one hour initial consultation with weekly 50 minute follow-up visits on either phone or Internet (Zoom or Skype). I will be available to clients by e-mail, text, and voicemail in between scheduled meetings. I will respond at least once per day Monday – Friday within 24 hours with either a response or a recommendation for a follow-up meeting. After the initial 12-weeks, services will be retained on a month-to-month basis.

Cost is $850 paid up front or $300 payments per month

Herbal Consultation

During an herbal consultation, we will video chat over Zoom and have an in-depth conversation about your health concerns or goals. We will discuss much more than herbs during this time to incorporate a holistic approach to health exploring food as medicine, lifestyle (sleep, stress, environment), and movement focusing on the changes you, as the client, are comfortable making. To round out the consultation we will also discuss personalized herbal allies specific to your condition and constitution. You will receive a personalized herbal formula (usually in the form of a tea or tincture). A follow-up visit 2-3 weeks after our initial consultation is encouraged. I often work with clients over a period of 3 to 6 months for best results.

Initial Consultation(1.5 hrs.)- $120
Follow-up Sessions(1 hr.)- $80
Brief Phone Consults for Acute Conditions and Check-ins (1/2 hr.) – $40 (available for existing clients only)

Herbal Products – stay tuned for more details!

Consult Times Available:

Monday – Friday 12 – 1 pm CDT

Monday and Wednesdays – 5pm to 7pm CDT

Saturday and Sunday – Times Vary

Payment must be made prior to appointment.

Cancellation Policy: I require 24 hour notice if you wish to re-schedule or cancel your appointment.  Clients who do not cancel within the 24 hr. time-frame, are responsible for full payment for the appointment. I spend time in advance reviewing your intake form and other information to prepare for our appointment. Thank you for your understanding.

  • General Disclaimer: A wellness Coach works with clients to help identify their goals, facilitate goal planning, and support their client’s plan. The client decides which goals to focus on and the direction to follow. I am not a physician and cannot diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition.

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