This year I really want to focus on real food on the trail. My plan is to start each run in a fasted state with a cup of coffee and collagen protein only. Depending on the length of the run, I will fuel as needed by testing different options at varying times. I will share as much about my experience as possible in case it helps you with your experimentation for finding what works for you and your body.

The first resource I want to share related to nutrition is the Whole 30 program. Included below are the official website and many documents that you can use to reset your relationship with food if you desire.  As I have time, I will add to and expand the information available on the Nutrition tab.

I personally benefited from the Whole 30 by doing two consecutive rounds. The plan helped me re-commit to thinking of food as fuel and using the highest quality food within my budget to slay the sugar dragon. Currently, I am in the “Food Freedom” phase and experimenting with macros to fine tune my personal plan. More on that later…

Whole 30 Website

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Next up is a recommendation for a wonderful site called Being Brigid. Being Brigid is by a Functional Nutritionist named Brigid. She posts articles AND recipes. Her recipes are colorful, delicious, and nutrient dense. I haven’t tried all of them (yet) but hope to. I am a member of her Functional Feed and each month receive a menu and shopping list for an entire week. In addition, you can mix in recipes from her site to have a variety of meals throughout the month.

The next recipe I want to try of Brigid’s is the Turkey Sausage Patties with Avocado Lime Sauce. Click the link to find the recipe – I would love for you to try it with me!