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What Is a Primal Health Coach?

A health coach is a wellness expert who educates, motivates and guides clients toward lifestyle and behavior choices that support optimal well-being. A Primal Health Coach stays ahead of the curve with an integrated approach, helping others create lives of maximum vitality using nutrition and fitness intelligence based on scientifically validated ancestral health principles. The aim of the Primal Health Coach is to help clients extract the most joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment from their lives by focusing on their values, needs, visions and goals in an extremely personalized way.

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Complete Primal Health Personalized Packages:

This program is based on primal health principles and tailored to your individual needs. 80% of your body composition goals are directly related to your nutrition. I will review your current nutrition practices and provide recommendations, guidance, accountability and motivation.  This program will also focus on lifestyle factors such as sleep and stress as well as fitness. We will focus on the Primal Fitness concepts in relation to your current fitness goals.

Price for all complete programs includes:  Initial consultation and planning, handouts, weekly local 1 hour check in or skype/zoom calls and a minimum of 1 text or email response daily within 24 hours of receiving a question from you.

Coaching Services

12 Weeks – $900 US Dollars (includes a printed 90-day Journal by Mark Sisson upon request)


8 Week Program – $625


4 Week Program




Endurance Sports Personalized Training Plans (included in Complete Primal Health experience price upon request).

16-week training plan – $150 with weekly email or text check-ins


12-week training plan – $100 with weekly email or text check-ins


Nutrition Only Focus (only with coach approval)

I am not a registered dietician; however, I will review your current nutrition practices and provide recommendations, guidance, accountability and motivation based on primal health guidelines. I can send you recipe recommendations and grocery lists. We will have a weekly 30-minute phone, skype or local in person check-in during which I may provide education, handouts, and suggested revisions to your plan. Daily lifeline support for quick questions via text or email will be answered within 24 hours.

12 Weeks – $700 US Dollars (includes a printed 90-day Journal by Mark Sisson upon request)



8 Weeks – $525 US Dollars


4 Weeks – $250 US Dollars



Add-ons (Locals Only)

Pantry Clean Out  – $100 – up to 3 hours total

Grocery Store Shopping Trip – $50/hour


Facebook GROUP Primal 21-Day Total Body Transformation – $50 for 30 days. Daily action items, education, support, and encouragement. Based off Mark Sisson’s book. PLEASE ONLY SIGN UP WHEN THERE IS A GROUP Posted.

21 Day Total Body Transformation Group on Facebook




Looking for something specific not listed here? I am open to suggestions to meet your needs.




I’m neither a doctor nor a nutritionist, but, as a Primal Health Coach, I can work in collaboration with them. Before starting any health and wellness program or making changes to your prescription medications it is your responsibility to seek the advice and supervision of a licensed healthcare professional.  I am a person with a passion for health, food and learning, and I want to share my findings with you. All opinions expressed here are my own.

As a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, I will subscribe to the following beliefs and practices modified from Masters Degree is in progress; however, as I complete each course I will integrate my knowledge into the Primal Health Coach programs I offer:

  • Achieving good health requires a proper diet, fresh clean water, fresh air, sunlight, exercise, and rest 
  • I plan to teach my clients how to achieve and sustain good health on a daily basis with herbs, essential oils, homeopathics, and other natural modalities to supplement their healthy lifestyles
  • I understand that each client has a physical, mental, and spiritual self, and that good health requires balance in all areas
  • I recognize when allopathic (i.e., conventional medicine) healthcare may be necessary, and is always ready to refer a client to his or her primary care physician for diagnosis and/or treatment
  • Empower the client to achieve improved health, both today and for the future, through addressing any imbalances caused by improper nutrition, poor quality sleep, insufficient water, lack of exercise, fresh air, and relaxation
  • Educates clients to evaluate their lifestyle choices, to isolate and change any potential causes of ill health